College Mentorship Program

College Mentorship Program

In the college?

Have questions about scheduling, classes, or anything academic?

the College Council Mentorship Program is here for you!

Mentors are listed below and would love to answer your questions, meet with you, and help you out!

Alex Triplett
Major: Spanish and Linguiestics
I am a third-year from Alexandria, Virginia (close to Washington, D.C.) majoring in Spanish and linguistics. I am easygoing and laid back but also attentive and a dedicated, hardworking student. I was the Academics Chair for my fraternity last year. Some of my interests outside of classes include movies and TV, reading, sports and exercise, running in particular.

Andrew Noh
Major: Systesm Engineering
Hi! I’m Andrew, a 3rd year studying Systems Engineering. I decided to join the College Council Mentorship Program to give students in the college a different perspective as a student in the Engineering School. Also, I have been working for the University Career Services as a Career Peer Educator and I wanted to share my knowledge with you all. I look forward to meeting you!

Chumma Tum
Major: Politics / Government
Hi guys! My name is Chumma Tum. I am a second year from Northern Virginia majoring in Politics/Government at The University. Aside from the classes I take for my major, I also love Art History and the Classics. There are so many interesting classes here, so don’t hesitate to ask me about them!

Cindy Beard
Intended Major Biochemistry and Spanish
Cindy is a second year currently undeclared major in the College of Arts and Sciences. She loves Spanish and science and is leaning towards a Biochemistry/Spanish double major. Outside of academics, her interests include playing soccer, doing things outdoors, and being a foodie!

Connor Hartnett
Major: Mathematics with a Statistical Concentration Minor: Computer Science
Hi, I’m Connor Hartnett. I’m a Mathematics Major with a Statistical Concentration and a Computer Science Minor in the College. When I’m not advising, studying, volunteering at Madison House, working, working out or hanging out with friends, I like to sleep and eat. Feel free to contact me with your scheduling questions…except when I’m eating and sleeping.

George Wu
Major: Commerce (marketing and IT) and Music
Hey, I’m a 4th-year student in the Comm School (Marketing & IT) and also major in Music in the college. I love singing and currently I’m a Tenor in The Virginia Glee Club and the music director of The Gleemen. I can help you with questions regarding pre-comm or music major.

Hayley Coolbaugh
Major: Art History and French
Hi, my name is Hayley Coolbaugh and I am a third-year in the College of Arts and Sciences. I’m from Manassas, VA and I am double-majoring in Art History and French!

Ian Sander

Ian Sander
Major: undecided
Hey everyone, my name is Ian Sander and I am currently an undecided 2nd Year from Cincinnati, Ohio. Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns regarding classes, majors, deadlines, etc. I am here to help!

Ithi Joshi
Major: Economics and Global Development Studies
Ithi Joshi is a 3rd year in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Economics and Global Development Studies. She is very excited to be helping underclassmen with academic concerns and/or advice about the major in general!

Jennifer Huffman
Major: Nursing
I’m a 3rd year nursing major from Roanoke, VA. When I’m not living in the hospital, I like going running, hiking, playing frisbee and/or napping on the lawn, listening to country music, and eating as much El Puerto as I can!

Josh Coons
Major: Chemistry
I’m a third year DMP Chemistry major planning to go to medical school in 2013. I also have an interest in and have taken several classes in American history/politics as well as various other non-science classes (we all need a break sometimes!).

Kathy Pao
Intended Major: Economics and Global Developmental Studies
Hi! My name is Kathy, I’m a second year and I’m technically undecided on my major but I’m interested in Economics and Global Development Studies (possibly a business Spanish minor?). Outside of academics I like to play volleyball (both sand and indoor) and dabbling in new things like playing tennis or learning the guitar.

Katie Brown
Major: Psychology and French
My name is Katie and I’m a third-year from Newark, Delaware, majoring in Psychology and French. I love sports and have participated in both varsity and club rowing. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Kelcey Stone
Major: Commerce (marketing and management) and psychology
I am a fourth year in the McIntire School of Commerce, concentrating in Marketing and Management, with a double major in Psychology. I studied abroad in Valencia, Spain (at a time when I thought I might be a Spanish major) and Dublin, Ireland. I’m happy to share the knowledge I’ve gained during my time at UVA, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kelsey Gaskins
Major: Biology
My name is Kelsey Gaskins. I’m a third year biology major from the Eastern Shore of Virginia!

Kiera Sibbald
Major: Biology Minor Psychology
I am a second year from Victoria, British Columbia, intending to major in Biology and minor in Psychology. I hope to attend medical school upon completion of my undergraduate career and specialize in pediatric oncology.

Lane Stickley
Major: American Government and Spanish
Hi my name is Lane Stickley and I am a 3rd year in the College. I am an American Government and Spanish major. Outside of school, I intern for the U.Va. Women’s Center and am involved in my sorority.

Madie McDonald
Intended Major: Media Studied Minor: French
Hi! My name is Madie McDonald and I am currently a second year from Norfolk, VA. I am planning on applying the the Media Studies program in the Spring in addition to being a French minor.

Maggie Schwartz
Intended Major Biology and Religious Studies
Hello! My name is Maggie Schwartz, I’m from Glen Ellyn, IL and I’m a second year in the College. Though I haven’t declared yet, I’m pre-med and planning on double-majoring in Religious Studies and Biology.

Mara Kiernan
Major: Foreign Affairs with a concentration in the Middle East
My name is Mara Kiernan and I’m a second year in the College. I’m majoring in Foreign Affairs with a concentration in the Middle East, and am considering double majoring in either Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures or French Languages and Literatures.

Margaret Jala
Intended Major: Human Biology
My name is Margaret Jala, I’m from Virginia Beach, and I’m in the College of Arts and Sciences. I’m interested in Biology, Anthropology, and Psychology and am hoping to be a Human Biology major.

Marissa Fassanelli
Major: Biology
My name is Marissa Fasanelli and I am a Third year Biology Major from Ridgefield, CT. I am a member of FPAS, AMSA, and a Sorority. I also am a TSPA and volunteer through Madison House at the UVa Hospital.

Meaghan Patrick
intendend Major: Foreign Affairs and Spanish Minor: French
My name is Meaghan Patrick and I am a second year in the college. I have not yet declared my major, but I am hoping to double major in Foreign Affairs and Spanish and minor in French. I love to learn about language, culture, history, travel and see live music whenever I can.

Megan Kearney
Major: Environmental Science Minor: Bioethics
My name is Megan Kearney and I like pole vaulting, watching uva sports, and counting down the days till Christmas. And peer mentoring. I am currently a third year at UVA, majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Bioethics.

Melissa Gasser
Major: Psychology and Cognitive Science
I’m a fourth year Psychology and Cognitive Science major who grew up in Colorado and graduated from high school in Myrtle Beach. I’m involved in Madison House, UPC, the Cognitive Science Society, the To Write Love on Her Arms club, and the Wesley Foundation, and I work in a psychology lab researching anxiety. My other interests include music, baking, and random trivia, and I’d be happy to help with any questions or concerns, preferably over some Arch’s.

Peter Ormsby
I am a Second Year from Fredericksburg, VA. Im very involved and passionate about Second Year Council (and First Year Council last year). I am also involved in Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, and local wrestling clubs. I struggled to decide my major, until early this semester, when I decided COMM school was the place for me (fingers crossed), though I am hoping to keep a double major in ECON. Please feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions, I would love to help!

Rebecca Grande
Major: Biology and Physics
Becki Grande is a second year from Lima, Peru. She is a double major in Biology and Physics, but is also managing to survive Japanese 1010!

Sabiha Ladak
Hi guys! My name is Sabiha Ladak, and I am originally from Chantilly, VA. Although I am currently a Second Year in the College, I am still completely undecided about my major. If you are like me and are unsure about what to pursue, or even if you have questions about classes in general, please feel free to contact me!

Samantha Holter
Major: Foreign Affairs and History
Hey, my name is Sam Holter. I am a third year Foreign Affairs and History double major from Yorktown, Virginia. This past summer I interned with at-risk youth at Community Attention and I volunteer with kids at the Boys & Girls Club on Cherry Avenue.

Sarah Choi
Major: Spanish and Foreign Affairs
Sarah is a third year majoring in Spanish and Foreign Affairs. She is also a volunteer for Migrant and Latino Aid and is involved in Grace Christian Fellowship.

Sarah Deal
Major: Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law Intended Minor bioethics or religious studies
Hi! I am in my third year at UVA, majoring in Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law and minoring in either bioethics or religious studies. I am currently a member of Hoos In Treble and Chamber Singers, though I will be studying human rights and politics in South Africa in the Spring semester. I am interested in studying some combination of social work and law after UVA.

Sarah Kollmorgen
Major: Comparitive Lit Minor: french
I’m a Comparative Literature major, French minor, and general “humanities” type of person. My dream job is a traveling journalist, but put me outside with a bagel, coffee, and some Beatles and I’ll be happy.

Sydney Johnson
Major: Psychology
My name is Sydney Johnson. I am a fourth-year Psychology major from Wise, Va. In my free time, I like to spend time with friends, listen to music, read, and sing. At the University, I am involved in the Psychological Society, Madison House Daycare tutoring, and Relay for Life.