How to Apply for Funds

The College Council is responsible for appropriating funds from the College of Arts & Sciences student fees. A number of funding programs, including Co-sponsorships and Faculty-Student Interaction Grants are described below.

Funding Restrictions:

  • Travel: College Council can fund travel expenses, but a different reimbursement form (mandated by the government) is required, please contact for this form. Additionally, original boarding passes for air travel are necessary to process a reimbursement for fares.
  • Money Prizes: All money prizes or payments to individuals associated with UVa must be screened by Financial Aid. Unless a prize or payment is integral to an event’s success, College Council does not usually fund them.
  • Honorariums: Payment for services to individuals unaffiliated with UVa (eg speaker fees) can be funded by College Council, although they may be subject to more stringent approval requirements.
  • Alcohol: College Council funds may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Pre-approval of proposed expenditures:

  • ALL in internal and co-sponsorship expenditures require pre-approval. The Pre-approval Form should be submitted no later than two weeks prior to a proposed expenditure to ensure that the expenses are allowable under College Council funding restrictions.
  • Expenses are not to be considered approved until a confirmation email is sent to you.

Disbursement of funds:

    College Council disburses funding in two ways:

  • Personal reimbursements: ORIGINAL receipts are required for reimbursement. A completed Personal Reimbursement Form and original receipts should be submitted to the College Council Mailbox in Monroe 103 no later than two weeks after the purchase date.
  • Vendor invoice payment: Invoices to be paid by College Council should be submitted, either by email to or hard-copy to the College Council Mailbox in Monroe 103, immediately, accompanied by the Vendor Invoice Payment Form.
  • If the individual requesting reimbursement has DirectDeposist through UVa, an email will confirm a deposit to his account.

    Otherwise, a check will be mailed to the home address on file for the reimbursement applicant.

Faculty-Student Interaction Grants:

    FSIGs are awarded to faculty to support events and programs aimed at increasing interaction with students, usually in the amount of $250-500.
    FSIG applications will be considered at every General Body meeting.

    PLEASE NOTE: Please submit applications by Sunday at 6pm to be considered the following Wednesday.

    Applications may be submitted to the College Council mailbox in Monroe 103 or by email to

    If approved, funding will be paid as described in General Policies: Disbursement of funds (listed above).


    Please consult our calendar to find dates of future appropriations meetings; co-sponsorship applications must be submitted by the Sunday prior to the meeting by 6pm to be eligible for consideration. NO EXCEPTIONS!These meetings are closed to non-ASC members.
    Co-sponsorships are generally awarded for $250-$750; requests in excess of $750 will be considered, but will be subject to a one week waiting period and voted on the week following the appropriations hearing.
    If approved, funding is contingent on the completion of the following steps:

      1. Submission of a preapproval form. This form should be submitted before expenditures are made so that College Council Treasurer can verify the proposed expenses are permitted under our funding restrictions.
      2. Submission of either a personal reimbursement or vendor invoice payment request. College Council can reimburse expenses made by individuals (with original receipts) or pay outstanding invoices. See General Policies: Disbursement of funds for more information.
      3. Completion of the co-sponsorship survey, to be submitted with the reimbursement form. This survey is used to evaluate future requests by an organization.

College Council Summer Research Grant:

    You can download the PDF of information and rules here.
    The online application form is here.
    The 2011-2012 COLLEGE Grants will fund outstanding undergraduate summer research projects. These awards of one (1) $3000 and two (2) $1000 are meant to fund projects of similar stature to the Harrison Grant or Wilson grants. Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis to current undergraduate U.Va. students in the College of Arts and Sciences. If funded, the final product must be completed during the Summer of 2012, approximately six months after receipt of the award. This grant is sponsored by the College Council (, the student governing body of the College of Arts and Sciences.
    The application will be due at 7:00 P.M. EST on Sunday March 11th, 2012. Applications must fulfill the following regulations and requirements, and may be submitted on the College Council website, Questions may be directed to the Academic Affairs Chair of the College Council, Jennifer Noyes (jcn5vw) or the Ombudsman, Joshua Coons (jtc9vk).
    Funding Regulations

  • Projects, research, and purchases must comply with federal, state and local laws.
  • The grants are rewarded on a reimbursement basis for costs incurred up to the grant amount. Original receipts for all approved materials must be received with a reimbursement request form. Any amount of the grant outstanding by one calendar year from the date of the award, is forfeited back to College Council.
  • An interim report on your research is required according to a schedule developed by the student and the Academic Affairs Chair of College Council, as well as a signed statement from your research advisor reporting your progress. The report and statement is to be handed into the College Council office on the second floor of Monroe Hall and e-mailed to the Treasurer of College Council.
  • Grant recipients should use resources freely available to them as University students whenever possible. Purchases of materials that are freely available at the University libraries or accessible through University journal databases, online subscriptions, or other electronic media will not be reimbursed. Grant recipients should perform a bona fide search of University library resources before purchasing materials for their project.
  • Travel reimbursement using airlines requires the following:
    – A written statement of how the travel is related to the research project submitted before departure.
    – Completion of a reimbursement form with the receipt for ticket and boarding pass. College Council is unable to reimburse travel expenses without the boarding pass.
  • Grant recipients may not travel to any location with a U.S. State Department Travel Warning and, if such a warning is issued while abroad, the recipient must leave the country immediately in the safest manner possible (
  • All purchases that go beyond the above-stated regulations must be approved in advance by the Academic Affairs Chair and Treasurer of College Council in consultation with relevant University officials.
  • Violations of any of the above regulations will result in the cancellation of the grant.

    Faculty Support
    Each project proposal must have a written letter of recommendation from a U.Va. faculty mentor who will serve as an advisor during the completion of the project. The letter of recommendation must be submitted electronically to Thomas Howard at by the monthly grant deadline. The faculty mentor should provide insight into their basis for concluding that the student is capable of completing a high-quality research project.
    Conceptualizing a Project
    Applicants are urged to think creatively in designing their research projects. Proposals focusing on any of the undergraduate fields represented in the College of Arts and Sciences are considered. Applications that integrate different areas and approaches are encouraged. Projects might involve travel, either within or outside of the U.S., to take advantage of resources that would be otherwise inaccessible to the student. Projects requiring laboratory work might call for the purchase of equipment that could not be obtained without an award of this kind. Please note that non-experts will be reviewing the project proposals and therefore they should be written for a broad audience.
    Final Product
    In order to fulfill the requirements of this grant, awardees must: present in at least one URN workshop AND either submit to present your work in the URN symposium or submit a paper for publication in the Oculus, U.Va.’s undergraduate research journal. Awardees must also submit a short personal narrative about their research to be posted on the URN and College Council websites following the research experience.
    Applicants will be judged on the following qualities:
    – Clarity and concision of the proposal
    – Creativity and innovation of the proposal
    – Feasibility of the proposed project
    – Depth and breadth of background knowledge in the field
    – Significance to the field of the proposed project In addition, it will be duly noted if the applicant has received additional funding for the same research project. In the spirit of fostering research among all undergraduates, priority will be given to students who have received no funding.
    Application Materials
    Current students in the College who wish to apply for a COLLEGE grant must submit the form available on the College Council website ( by Sunday March 11th, 2012 at 7:00 PM. The application consists of the following information:
    A concise description (1000 words max) of the proposed research project. The
    applicant should explain what is to be done, where the research will be carried out,
    and what will be the final product and what impact the research will have on her or
    his intellectual development.
    A resume that includes class, major, and relevant course work and prior
    A budget of anticipated expenditures including research supplies and materials,
    living expenses, and travel.
    Projected timeline for the completion of your project goals

    In addition to the application materials, students must have a faculty letter of recommendation, which should e-mailed as described above.

    Any Questions, Concerns, or Recommendations, please contact our treasurer Tyler Crown at or at